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A2+2 - For two people plus two extra beds
Floor area: 53m2


In the extreme south-east of Istria, 12 km away from Pula, there is the  locality of Ližnjan, a communal main office to which,  besides  Ližnjan, belong  the villages of  Šišan, Jadreški and Muntic. The economy of Ližnjan is based on agriculture and tourism, and LIžnjan has,  traditionally, been a  place of fishermen, so it is still possible to buy fresh fish from fishermen just caught  from the sea, in the port.

Due to its natural characteristics, a long and well-indented coastline, high-quality agricultural land, valuable forests and excellent landscape values hte area of the Municipality of Ližnjan  represents one of the last oasis of untouched nature and traditional rural world. If you like to take a rest  in silence and away from traffic, but be close to entertainment  offered by the nearby  tourist center,  you are in the right place. You can enjoy in clear water, rocky beaches, hiking trails, cycling tracks and a beautiful wine tavern and restaurants.

Ližnjan is surrounded by the sea on the south and east, and its 28 km long indented and virgin coastline, full of wild and beautiful beaches. There is a nice beach in Ližnjan,  with all the accompanying facilities very close to the center.

Marlera peninsula and the homonimous  beach facing southward  are the most popular places of Liznjan. Close to Ližnjan there is the island of Levan, with its beautiful sandy beach, a real  attraction for those desiring adventure. On the island there are two cosy small restorans.

Punta Grkova is the most eastern part in the south Marlera and it is placed about 6 km away from  Liznjan. There is lighthouse called Lanterna. Until seventies the lighthouse has been inhabited by one or two families. Below the Svetica hill there are several little bays with rocky beaches.

East of Šišan there is  the 88 m high hill known as a Svetica (Saint) or Monte Madonna. On the top of the hill there are still remains of the settlements fortified with double wall. At  these important point for navigation control, remains of Roman buildings were found.  Building of the powerful group battery Monte della Madonna on Svetica hill started in 1915 (beginning of First World War). In the period of the Cold War in the 1950s,  designing and building of underground bunkers. started in complete secrecy.  The action was  designated as : "Top Secret" (strictly confidential). At that time none of the local population was allowed to pass through the area, and that veil of secrets was kept almost until today.

Lighthouse (lantern)  of Galiola
However, if you are approaching Ližnjan by boat, you are sailing trough the Gulf of Kvarner, decorated by the enchanting jewel of the Adriatic Sea - island- lantern Galiola. When entering the Gulf of Kvarner, Galiola`s lighthouse has extreme importance in  night sailing. The island is 200 meters long and about 50 wide. On the charts Galiola is marked as a rock. There are only low vegetation and stones, with no trees and no paths because they do not  have where to lead. Even the seagulls are just resting on the island Galiola on their road to Istria, because, on that place,  there are no other land on all three sides of the world.  See Ližnjan, its beaches and islands  is a special  experience  that  will touch your heart ...


  • Sea: 1300m
  • Beach: 1500m
  • Center: 200m
  • Store: 200m
  • Restaurant: 500m
  • Doctor: 200m
  • Pharmacy: 500m
  • Bank: 200m
  • Post office: 300m
  • Gas station: 1500m
  • Bus station: 12000m
  • Train station: 12000m
  • Airport: 10000m
  • Marine: 1500m
  • Sport: 200m
  • Disco: 1500m
  • Casino: 1500m
  • National park: 14000m


Munat 78
52204 Ližnjan


+385 99 3121 501 / +385 52 550 458